WhatsUp Gold Premium was the indicated tool to ensure visibility and the correct monitoring the IT environment for Kaufmann in Chile. This successful implementation meant a cultural change in the company.

Year: 2016 Proyect developed by: Security Advisor Industries: Technology Type of solution: Infrastructure services

What was the need of the customer?



Kaufmann arrived to Chile in 1950 and is dedicated from the beginning to the automotive heading, and in a few years the company managed a team of representatives who facilitated the penetration of the brand "Mercedes- Benz" in the country. The hallmark of the company is based on service excellence, constant innovation and a team of senior professionals working with cutting-edge technology to customer service, a synergy that has positioned Kaufmann as a leader of the automotive market.


Actually, they have an extensive coverage extending from Arica to Punta Arenas through 34 branches. Because of that, the overall objective of the project was to have the control of information of what was happening in their IT assets connected online, while they have visibility of what happened about their health status, performance, connectivity, among others.


The specific goal was to break down the main target, for example, devices for the SAP world, x86 devices for Intel, devices like a switch, and all part of telecommunications, part of devices or applications that have to do with websites and to create automatic reports that can inform the events of the day. This objective is for having the information on hand to counter what each provider reports at month end.


With the implementation of this solution to these needs, it reachES a targeted audience of about 2500 people from the areas of sales, logistics and distribution.


What solution proposed Security Advisor?


After a rigourous analysis of sizing, considering the general and specific objectives , both sides choose Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold as the most suitable tool. WhatsUp Gold monitors the IT environment allowing viewing in real time and, in consequence they can take informed decisions faster.


In addition to the needs raised initially, this solution allows Kaufmann access to a Monthly Report of Operations regarding availability of servers and devices, critical information to the regional CEO.


Kaufmann ??got on to Security Advisor after an explicit recommendation of Ipswitch. From the beginning of the approach, was distinguished the proactivity and speed of Security Advisor to find a solution adjusted to customer needs, that can go beyond a specific product of their partner.


How did it?


As a first step we generate a meeting to know the real dimension of customer needs and based on these data, we delivered a harmonious and scalable solution to collect the proposed requirement efficiently.


Once we defined the requirement and the final solution, we proceeded to generate work meetings based on the planning indicated by the team and Engineering Services OF Security Advisor. This planning was adapted to the times and rhythms of the client, so the implementation of the solution did not present any inconvenience at the time of the client.


Withing the most important stages of the project we founded: Definition of Requirement; Implementation of solution; Monitors and Alarms settings; Transfer of knowledge and evaluation. Throughout this process we worked in total sync with the client, so he could understand and appropriated the way of work of the solution.

“From the first moment Security Advisor was up to expectations, they acted quickly on the requirements." said Ricardo Konopnicki, IT Operations sub manager Kaufmann.

What were the results?


The results far exceeded expected by the customer, in fact we are already working on theimplementation of new projects in the area of ??IT security services and in relation to other toolsthat Security Advisor is partner. In the company, the proposal OF Security Advisor´S solutionwas a cultural change, which fortunately had the commitment of everyone in the organization.


“From the first moment Security Advisor was up to expectations, they acted quickly on therequirements. They molded a first solution and then at a second meeting molded an even morespecific new solution", said Ricardo Konopnicki, IT Operations sub manager Kaufmann.


"During the project implementation there were no objection, they were handled in thetimeframe we had agreed and the things that came along that we did not planned they havesolved inmediately. They were very professional both in the design and implementation", hesaid.


To make an estimate of the impact of this implementation in the business, you must know thatin terms of vehicles, Kaufmann sells between 300 and 400 units per month and every time thata server is unavailable (this is usually for a week ) sales of 10 to 15 vehicles are lost, resulting inthousands of dollars of loss.