The word Kalya in sanskrit means robust, well-finished and free of evil. In computing when important resources are involved, these qualities enhance their value.


Kalya Solution for Constructions

Kalya created SP, a specialized software for every step in Construction, from working out the budget to the sale. SP is an integrated solution which allows the total management of Construction enterprise.


The systems developed by Kalya for engineering, architecture and construction give the necessary answers to the most important requeriments and cover all the needs of the production.

SP is a modular system which enables solution in a gradual way. It's a multiusers programme, which allows the sight of the building work from defferent angles, without geographical barries, adaptable to the enterprise, establishing parameters, with web services.

SP generates a Data Bank useful for future building works. It also adapts to all kind of enterprises independent professionals, PYMES and big organizations.

The modules which compose systems for constructions allow the integration of information, managing unity of the processes of the enterprise.


Kalya Solutions IT
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