Infocorp Group is one of the most prominent Uruguayan technology companies, with 180 employees in Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Its main division is IC-Banking, a fintech specialist that supplies Latin American financial institutions with an omnichannel banking platform. The platform allows to develop a better user experience for the users of digital bank through every available channel as web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs, social networks, kiosks and branches. The IC-Banking platform was designed to include new channels in an easy and agil way.

The company has also developed products such as IC-Campaigns, a marketing campaign orchestrator that allows banks and other institutions to design and implement effective, personalised and segmented omnichannel marketing campaigns. Infocorp has worked with clients such as Banco Santander, Banco de Bogotá, Banco Internacional, Towerbank and Banco Caribe.

Infocorp’s second division, Infrastructure, offers Consultancy and IT Services: a wide range of professional services, including consultancy, support, Cloud and Outsourcing.

Infocorp Group was set up over 21 years ago by Gabriel Colla, and is actually lead by Martin Naor as CEO. Infocorp also incubates technology start-ups in Uruguay, through IC-Ventures, such as Paganza, GPSGAY and Lynkos. Infocorp has also launched its own fintech start-up, bankingly.

The company’s executive team act as mentors for organisations such as Endeavor, as well as being sought judges of international tech start up competitions and being often consulted by regional and international media on fintech issues.


  • Address: Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1771
  • Zip code: 11800
  • Phone: (+598) 29291616
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay