Security Advisor is a company focused exclusively on Information Security solutions, with a presence in the region since 2000.

In order to secure our customers’ flow of information, we identify three dimensions on which we work everyday: Technology Infrastructure, Human Capital and Business Processes.

To achieve this goal, we organize and focus our offering through 3 pillars:

  • Technology We develop the best implementation of the required technology through partnerships with leading providers of IT security solutions. We put special emphasis on new mobility and cloud environments.
  • Managed Services We manage security infrastructure of our customers, whether provided by us or owned by the company, with 24x7 support services and incident response.
  • Consulting Services We develop projects related to Information Security Compliance, Regulatory and Government; Vulnerability Detection and Remediation; Awareness and Training of human resources.


Security Advisor is a regional organization, with offices in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay from where we support an installed base of over 100,000 nodes in more than 400 customers in 16 countries.

Our most valuable asset is the team of certified and continuously trained professionals in the latest trends in security systems' attack and defense technologies.

Our professionals are aligned with a regional vision, allowing us to provide our customers the best resources, independently of the country in which we have to face the challenge.

Leader companies operate in an increasingly globalized environment, just like the vulnerabilities and threats, they are exposed to. We work day by day with the goal that these companies consider Security Advisor their referent in information security solutions.


Security Advisor
  • Address: Constituyente 1467 Piso 17
  • Zip code: 11200
  • Phone: (+598) 2400 4378
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay