The company BQN® (Alassio S.A) originates in Uruguay, since 2002 it designs and manufactures electronic equipment, software development, and IT service. BQN works on hardware and software solutions in an integrated manner, tailored to the users’ needs.


The company’s initial objective was the development of a system of collection and processing of betting games “Quinielas”. BQN developed and manufactured in Uruguay their own POS (Point of Sales) which communicates via GPRS/ethernet with a system located in servers to sell Quiniela betting games, and a PC application so the Quiniela agencies manage their sales. The product was called Banquinet® and is currently operating in different Uruguayan departments, Canelones, Salto and Cerro Largo, it is permanently being updated, incorporating also, mobile phone recharge.


After this first project, the company generated a group of technicians to develop hardware and software, and generated others such as:  procurement USB wallet cards for a medical equipment supplier, a data-logger for temperature, software for sale of sports games in Ecuador, and, since 2010, the RFID reader Baqueano® to the livestock sector.During 2007, having in Uruguay began to implement the national electronic traceability  system with RFID ear-tags, the Company had the opportunity to take advantage of the know-how previously acquired with their POS (portable electronic) in an ear-tag reader manufactured domestically as per standard ISO11784/85, and developed the Baqueano® reader.


The first Baqueano (model H10) is sold since the beginning of 2011, and rapidly became a best seller thanks to it providing support to the user, in adapting to the producer’s needs, and at a moderate price.  The reader project won the Nova 2014 (National Innovation Prize) prize in the TIC (Information and Communication Technologies) category.Towards end of 2015 the Baqueano Pro is presented in the market, a version of the RFID reader with important improvements, from a construction and data capacity perspective.  The Baqueano Pro acquires a large OLED display and an SD memory card which allows for the management of great volume of information. Currently, Baqueano Pro is being exported to Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.


  • Address: Paysandú 1371
  • Zip code: 11200
  • Phone: 29000909
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay