We are a top-tier team aligned to your needs to take your business tech to the next level.

We are a Tech Development Shop
Collaborative, communicative and flexible.
A self organized team with experience working with startups and large companies.
Our lightweight process is based on the agile and lean principles.
We combine state of the art client-side technologies with a scalable cloud backend to deliver cost efficient and cross platform products.

Who trusts us?
Startups and companies on North America looking for a business tech partner who can cover all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Contact us to get our references.

No matter if it is a new or an ongoing project, we are ready for it.


Kaizen Softworks
  • Address: Presidente Giró 2488
  • Zip code: 11600
  • Phone: (+598) 2482 0342
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay