At SimDesign we are pioneers at developing Virtual Reality based applications, creating high quality experiences that serve as a channel to promote ideas and projects with a truly innovative, high impact approach. Our focus is divided in three areas of expertise:

  • Architecture: Interactive virtual environments that allow our customers to promote their real estate projects in an effective way. Those virtual environments allow the final customer to walk through their future home or office, also including interactive real time variants or the chance to spot changes before the project is built.
  • Marketing: High impact virtual applications to promote any kind of product or label. Companies such as Coca Cola (UY) and Salus (Danone Group) already trusted us to achieve their goals.
  • Entertainment: Creative virtual attractions both innovative and immersive for the entertainment of any public, in general ranging from Car Races to Rollercoasters that defy the laws of physics.


Our highly qualified and interdisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience in Simulation and Videogames is always looking for new challenges. That's why we love to hear ideas and work together with the people who trust in us to develop that ideal virtual experience. There are no limits for the imagination.


  • Address: Canelones 1348, oficina 203
  • Zip code: 11100
  • Phone: (598) 9868 4798
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay