Scanntech is the Uruguayan market leader in POS software to retailers of all sizes and is revolutionizing the way independent and traditional retail sectors in emerging markets professionalize and integrate with providers.

The company's technology platform connects independent stores with global consumer products companies, financial and telecommunications firms, and government services.

Scanntech’s platform drives growth of small mom-and-pop and independent stores by connecting them directly to large consumer products companies and allowing them to access the same promotions as large retail chains.

This creates a social impact by allowing end users access to better prices in more places. Besides that improves the efficiency of Retail and Manufacturers allowing monitoring of promotional activities in real time and improving the competitiveness of the small businesses.


The company has developed an innovative point-of-sale system that helps stores manage their transactions, optimize inventory levels, and view professional reports on store performance, giving owners more clarity and assertiveness in their operations. Through integration with services companies, stores also have access to a variety of value-added products (e.g., card payments, mobile top up, social assistance benefits) to end-consumers which drive foot traffic and promote financial inclusion. To partners from the consumer products and services industries –including the telecommunications, banking, payments, government / social assistance, and transportation sectors– the Scanntech system offers an unparalleled understanding of real-time stock-keeping unit (SKU) information and integration into the traditional store channel, which drives more than 60-70% of retail sales in emerging markets, and which without the platform is extremely fragmented and difficult to reach.


Scanntech is present in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay with more than 35 million monthly transactions.


  • Address: Santiago de Chile 1023
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  • Phone: (+598) 29031511
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay