In a highly competitive world, DataLab Consulting was born to provide the most effective response to the growing need of businesses to understand consumers, comprehend their behavior, and anticipate their actions.

We are a team of professionals working in a groundbreaking scientific laboratory that develops and uses the most powerful technological tools for data mining and analysis.

Our goal is to decode the consumption patterns of the people with access to your products or services. We research different aspects of their behavior and transform that information into a knowledge base that will allow your organization to reach its goals and your company to achieve the highest return on its investment.


DataLab Consulting
  • Address: Av. Italia 6201 Parque Tecnológico Edificio "Los Tilos” Oficina 101 Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Zip code: 11500
  • Phone: (+598) 2600 1580
  • Montevideo - Montevideo - Uruguay