Assist – Power Street Dedicated to the development of solutions to the supply chain. 

We are a company founded in 1988 with presence in North, Central and South America. Our goal is support the growth of our customers, with cutting-edge technology and Know How transference, making their business more profitable under a scheme of continuous improvement. That is why we work with the goal of being a leading company with worldwide recognition in information systems and consulting for supply chain with an ultimate goal, total customer satisfaction, delivering products and services that continuously exceed all their expectations. We promote the constant development of our products according to market requirements and new technologies available, ensuring that the level of the solution delivered is equal to or greater than the problem facing our client. Our staff is our main asset which we are commited to promote their training and professional development constantly.

Our Suite of Power Street products, is technological, operational, strategic and commercial support for any distribution or logistics operation model. Its use optimizes resources in this way increasing the profitability of the entire supply chain, warehousing and distribution, making it a more dynamic, orderly and efficient operation and therefore reducing costs. Power Street offers much more than simple management products, our products are the latest in technology: data synchronization, managing remote billing platforms, Data warehousing, management of Electronic invoicing via Power Street Broker eFactura, reports, Analyzer (tool for data analysis), consulting distribution, warehouse management and geographic information.

We ensure absolute confidentiality regarding information and projects of our customers, based on a firm commitment to confidentiality and nondisclosure of information of all our team.


Power Street
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