Cuti is the Uruguayan association of Information and Communication Technology companies, a private and non-profit organization, founded in 1989.

Currently representing more than 350 companies offering products and services in more than 52 markets, Cuti’s mission is to promote the development and growth of the ICT industry through the development of its members.

As the main spokesperson for the ICT industry, Cuti is recognized and legitimized in the country and abroad by companies, society and the state. It is a major point of reference and active partner of the Uruguayan technology industry ecosystem composed by incubators, academic and industrial centers, universities, technology parks, government institutions and business associations, among others.

Vision: To be the leading actor in the development of the Uruguayan ICT sector.

Mission: To promote the sustainable development of the ICT sector, boosting the markets, facilitating the growth and globalization of its members, and emphasizing the personal development and social responsibility.

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